Evolus Case Study: Taking down the Botox giant with incentives

Oct 19, 2020

We’re excited to share an interesting solution on behalf of a client in the consumer promotion space. It’s an example of how flexible our API solution can be, how rewards really can generate consumer demand, and how our platform can deliver insights through tracking consumer behavior.

Our client: Evolus (NASDAQ: EOLS), a leading medical aesthetics and performance beauty company. When Evolus launched Jeuvea, the first new neurotoxin to hit the market in nearly a decade, they found themselves slated against an incline. Evolus knew that facing Allergan’s Botox, the unmistakable leader with 70% share of a $5B market, would require a new playbook. These were David and Goliath, Rocky Balboa-nostalgic circumstances, and matching the challenge meant designing a fresh strategy that placed patients, not just physicians, at the center of marketing.

Evolus’s strategy ultimately catapulted Jeuveau to the #3 market share position in just over 6 months, and positioned Jeuveau on track to becoming the #2 product within 24 months. In defining their strategy, Evolus partnered with Tremendous to develop a first-of-its-kind promotion using the Tremendous API.

The success of Evolus’s strategy illuminates several insights potentially useful for other products favoring cash-based incentives. Evolus’s cash-based strategy succeeded because it was a customer-based strategy: when patients registered for the gift card they formed a direct relationship with Evolus. Creating a rewards program resulted in a model that bypassed physicians as middlemen, although Evolus could then drive additional business for physicians by promoting physicians via targeted digital campaigns.

Read on to learn why Evolus partnered with Tremendous (hint: the scalable ability to offer the instant gratification of cash via the Tremendous API) and how the Tremendous team’s technical flexibility, client-centric approach, and customization of software to every client’s use case led to Jeuveau’s success and #3 market position (cue Rocky theme).

See the full case study here

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