Using rewards during the coronavirus pandemic...

May 22, 2020

Coronavirus has affected the entire world and how people are behaving in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are optimistic that testing measures will improve and the world will learn how to better be prepared for another potential outbreak in the future. We know that virtually every person and business have been affected by the spread of the virus, and we hope for the best for everyone during this difficult time.

First, we'd like to confirm that Tremendous is operating and available to support existing and prospective clients during this time. Like other businesses around the world, we are also facing similar challenges as our staff adjusts to remote work and sheltering-in-place in our respective geographies.

As we have had some time to process that our working environments may be different for a prolonged period of time, we thought we could share what we've learned and how our clients use Tremendous rewards to show their employees appreciation and keep them motivated and engaged while working remotely.

Here are 3 ways Tremendous and our clients are incentivizing staff while sheltering-in-place:

  1. Small incentive goals
  2. Staff appreciation
  3. Nominations for peers using rewards

1. Incentivize with small incentives:

We have seen an ability to reward productivity by tying short term goals with small incentives, as little as $5 to $10. As some staff find it harder to concentrate with the stress of the coronavirus and distractions working at home, we have found success in rewarding output with gift cards. For the short term, why not tie customer support ticket volume for the week to a small monetary output? It gives employees a shorter term target to look at as well as a reward for staying productive. Furthermore, we have noticed in the short weeks that we have tested this out that staff also appreciate the extra gesture during the difficult time.

2. Staff Appreciation:

As businesses around the world struggle with how to communicate with staff, we have seen a number of clients work a staff appreciation reward into their plans. Plenty of people are anxious about their jobs and employers, and showing staff a gift of appreciation has been effective to keep morale high and understanding of the time. Clients have sent $100+ gift cards to each employee to thank them for understanding changes that are being made to accommodate the circumstances, and helps build trust between staff and management. A small reward can go a long way during a time with so many unknown outcomes.

3. Nominations using peer rewards:

The last way we have seen more staff engagement is to implement peer recognition with rewards. In a peer reward system, employees can nominate their fellow colleagues for extra help and receive a small gift card for going the extra mile. As employees work from home, we have seen that this can be a great incentive for employees to continue collaborating together and staying engaged with their teams. For us, we've seen the collaboration in team Slack channels increase significantly since we have implemented a nomination system. Employees feel appreciated and are encouraged to continue to help their peers.

There is no best way to incentivizing productivity, but hopefully we have shown that there are a number of ways that might fit your existing business and culture. There has been no better time to use a rewards platform like Tremendous to engage employees, so feel free to reach out to us and see how we can help your business and employees! Visit us here!

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