New Usability Features!

Jul 29, 2020

Tremendous (if we do say so ourselves!) news just in: this week, we’d like to announce new usability features to our app that will, we hope, make the process of sending digital rewards as joyful as the experience of receiving them. We sought your feedback, we listened, and we improved. We hope these new features will enable a more seamless, intuitive experience going forward -- a gift that keeps on giving.

A Search Party

Perhaps you previously experienced this on our platform: you needed to search for a specific recipient client to check the number of rewards you’d sent to them to date -- or perhaps to check the types of rewards, or total dollar amount.  To do so would have required a relay of clicks through the filter sidebar. And in order to find an individual account, previously you would have needed to navigate through the filters using their specific id.

But now, we’ve built something better. To ensure the simplest, fastest experience, we’ve created a new search bar in the app to allow you to access the information you need as easily as in a browser. Search up any account by name or id, or any reward by reward type. Tremendous’ mission is to provide the most straightforward way to send rewards, and the most seamless experience possible: we hope that the information you need will now be at your fingertips, so you can spend more time delighting your customers.


After gathering your feedback, something became clear to our team: we needed to design a homebase within the app for you. A place where at a glance you can see all the important highlights of your team’s collaboration with Tremendous.

Introducing: the new Dashboard experience. Previously, when you logged into your Tremendous account, you would have landed on the history page, chronicling your most recent rewards and transactions. From there, every navigation would have required a few additional clicks. With the new Dashboard, you can get a holistic view of all activities. On the right-hand side, we list your balance and a button that enables the addition of funds. The Dashboard also highlights shortcuts to your four most commonly-used actions (e.g. Placed Orders, Reward History), a space for you to reach out for help from our support team, and a section for you to provide additional feedback so we can serve you better.

Last but in no way least, the Dashboard includes more information on our new referral program! Check out more information within the Tremendous app here .

Campaigns Made Painless

Good news, it’s now easier and more transparent than ever to send campaigns to clients, even internationally. By selecting a specific reward option, you will be prompted to choose the region you wish to send to (no longer will there be a need to toggle to a separate international tab). Choosing a specific country is as straightforward as selecting the reward itself.

In addition, selecting a giftcard type doesn’t require quite as much scrolling as it used to -- simply search within the 179 options that appear after clicking the giftcard reward option, rather than manually picking through the list.

We really appreciate feedback on our design changes. Please let us know any feedback you might have by emailing us what you think at

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