Thimble launches a unique referral program using Tremendous!

Jun 09, 2020

We’re excited about our client Thimble’s launch of their customer referral program, powered by Tremendous rewards!

When Thimble approached to set up a customer referral program, they hoped Tremendous would live up to its name: due to the immense regulations of the insurance industry, providing incentives would prove a tremendous challenge.

Thimble serves the oft-underserved backbone of our economy — small businesses, contractors, gig workers — with on-demand insurance. Imagine you were a DJ for private events, performing twice a week — with Thimble, you could purchase liability insurance by the bar mitzvah or birthday party, rather than an expensive annual policy.

The three R’s of acquisition: referrals, referrals, referrals:

To grow, Thimble wanted to build a referral program for small businesses — no small feat, given the regulatory challenges around referrals in the insurance industry. Thimble approached Tremendous with its significant hurdles: the referral could not be viewed as a “discount,” and individual limitations on a state-by-state basis would have to be observed.

In between a rock and a (gift)card place

Digital gift cards were the incentive that fit the bill, and it became clear that Tremendous had the facility to build products flexible for every state’s needs. In the case study here, read how a combination of Tremendous’s well-documented API, responsive collaboration, and custom feature building — like a referral dashboard that allowed Thimble to track the maximum incentives allowed by regulation — provided the most nimble solution on the market.

See Thimble's announcement here

View the full case study here:

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